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    Leonard McCoy’s faceplate was fogging up for the twenty-seventh time. He wiped dark turquoise blood on the back of his pant leg before feeling for the button on his helmet that would clear the plasteel window. If only it were so easy to clear up the view outside the helmet. The massive earthquake had torn the Gerhal capital city apart like a baby smashing a sandcastle. Clouds of dust blew along what had once been streets. The pavement was now more crack and gravel then solid surface. Shards of buildings jutted up on either side of the relatively flat area that had been set up as a field hospital.
    Leaving a recently stabilized patient, McCoy picked his way through the organized chaos to the edge of the unorganized chaos.
    “Over here, Doctor,” a voice called from his left. A nurse, her identity hidden by her environmental suit, knelt next to a small body on a filthy blanket.
    “What have ya g
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    The plane was still sitting on the tarmac, right where it had been for the last 6 hours. The man with the gun sat in one of the flight attendant’s seats between the cockpit and the main cabin. He turned sideways and stretched out so his legs blocked the aisle and he could see the entire length of the plane.
    I sat next to him the whole flight. Three hours in the front row of first class. He had been quiet, but polite. He even slept most of the way. How do you sleep before doing something like this? As soon as the plane landed, he stood up. I have no idea how he got a gun through security. When one of the flight attendants told him to sit down, he shot him. Then he made the other flight attendant open the cockpit door. There was another gunshot. He came out with one arm around the flight attendant’s shoulders, the other arm holding the gun to her head. Yelling, he asked if there was an air marshal on board. When no one stood up, he finall
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To Old Friends
    "I wish you had been there," Kirk said, taking the glass McCoy held out to him.
    "There's nothing I could have done that the on-scene medics didn't." Cradling his own glass, McCoy dropped into his favourite chair.
    "You saved him once before."
    "A bug around the brain stem is a bit different than a phaser shot to the chest."
    Kirk stared into the amber liquid in his glass. "He told me what you said. When he told you that the other doctors said he would never walk again, you said, 'I'm not other doctors'."
    "But I'm still human. I can't bring the dead back to life."
    "Yeah, I suppose. I still wish you had been there."
    McCoy sighed. "For your sake, so do I." They sat in silence for a long moment. Finally, McCoy raised his glass. "To Pike."
    Kirk stretched out his glass and gave McCoy a solemn look. "To old friends."
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McCoy's Nightmare
    Leonard McCoy tried to shake the vision out of his head, but it wouldn’t budge. Maybe it was real. He was standing in a cage the size of a typical shower. A bright light above his head kept the rest of the room in deep shadow. The only things he could see were the small console with two buttons and the chains attaching his wrists to it. He read the labels above the buttons. The one on the left said “Kill Yourself.” The one on the right said “Kill Them.” He found himself breathing a little faster.
    Suddenly, a cold voice filled the room. “You must make the choice, doctor.” The words were emotionless, but not in a rigid, logical way like a Vulcan. This was someone trying to hide their glee.
    McCoy worked enough moisture into his mouth to be able to speak. “What if I refuse?”
    “Then I will kill you all.”
    ‘That’s what I fi
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The Prison Doctor - Part 2
    The climb back up the 30 levels was tiring as usual, but not as draining. Back on the top level, the guard let McCoy back into his room. He refused to think of it as a cell, knowing the conditions below his feet. The door closed behind him and literally shut out the world.
    “You’re back early today.” Sulu sat up on his bunk.
    “It was a light load. Only three dead.” McCoy walked to the sink on the wall and splashed water on his face. The mirror showed a smear of blood on his chin. He washed it off casually. “There was something new today though - a little boy with a broken arm. It felt good to actually help someone.” Thinking of Arkish made him remember the boy’s gift.  He opened the front pocket of the medical supply bag and saw a faint amber light. Once the pebble was out in the light, the glow was imperceptible. “He gave me this, almost like it was his way of paying me. H
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The Prison Doctor
     McCoy felt bad walking the halls in warm clothes and shoes. On the upper levels where visiting dignitaries could see political prisoners kept in relative comfort, things were clean and dry. Down below ground, where the only light came from the air shaft between the two buildings, the smooth floors and painted walls gave way to pitted floors, metal grates and bars. The men were packed six to a cell, meaning four slept on bunks while the other two shared a thin rubber mat on the damp floor. Most prisoners wore clothes good enough to be considered rags. None wore shoes. If the cell doors were opened, a few of the most desperate might jump him for the boots, but most respected what his dark blue doctor’s robes represented: the last chance of the despairing.
    Everyday, he walked the hall on each level from one stairwell to the other, descending the 30 levels in a giant zig-zag. Just once he wanted to hear a voice asking him for help. Though he saw obvi
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The Survival Test
    “Hey, Bones, is the list up yet?”
    “It’s up but I haven’t looked at it.”
    “Too chicken?”
    “No! Just not as eager as you. Or just more certain of how much this is gonna suck.”
    Kirk shook his head and grinned as he and McCoy joined the crowd around the Academy bulletin board. “Come on, you know our squad is going to win.”
    “Jim, this is a survival test, not a competition. And you don’t know that we’ll be in our squads.”
    “Everything we’ve done so far in this course has been. It’s like they’re afraid to set us out on our own. I doubt they’d do it on something as big as this.”
    “They’re Starfleet Academy instructors, not parents dropping off their kids for their first day of kindergarten.”
     McCoy shuffled slowly forward
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Inspiration can come from anywhere. This past year I started a blog of lessons leared from daily life, mostly from my job. Inspired by a friend's Christmas gift, I learned to knit "in the round" and have made two pairs of fingerless gloves. I've written short stories based on dreams and my favourite movies.

And I've worked on a not so short story whose inspiration came a couple years ago. One Halloween, I was sitting and watching tv, flipping through channels filled with spooky and creepy. Knowing I wasn't good at writing either of those things, I decided to practice. I started a stream of consciousness thing with a character waking up in a bad situation. This man had no name, no physical description - nothing beyond a horror at where he found himself. Today, that man is Graynan Marshal: a brother, an uncle, a police officer, a hero, and  -in that weird imaginary way - a friend. 

So here's to inspiration - what it brought in 2014 and what it promises in 2015.
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